Best practices

  • twitter-seo1.png

    Marketing, Twitter and SEO

    Everybody knows that it is crucial to think about tying your marketing strategy together but that’s especially true now in the digital world. One of the...

  • open source

    An Open Source overview

    In production and development, Open source as a development model promotes a universal access via a free licence to a product’s design or blueprint, and...

  • Buzz Lightyear running

    Scroll infinity and beyond ..!

    Multipage has always been a devil of a job for developers. Today we have an alternative thanks to javascript and the genius of the developers community...

  • colour_contrast

    Web ergonomics: practical guide

    This article aims to expose the principal rules for you to get into web design and ergonomics properly. Favour logic by respecting representation and interaction...

  • Sublime Text

    Sublime Text : plugins overview

    We wish to make a quick overview of relevant Sublime Text plugins. These plugins facilitate developers and specially PHP developers work.

  • Boston Globe

    Why You Need Responsive Design in 2013

    We’ve discussed Responsive Design in previous blog posts. For those who don’t have the time to consult these articles, responsive web design...

  • simpleWashbueno

    Keep It Clean With SimpleWash

    As you may have read in a previous article, Facebook is about to launch a new internal search engine called Graph Search. It will find specific information...

  • Quality content

    Quality Content Is King in 2013

    Get ready for some breathtaking scenery in 2013. Since about six years ago, when social networks such as Facebook exploded, marketers have had a little...