4 After Effect essential tricks


Here are 4 tricks that could be useful for you on After Effect

To launch several After Effect sessions, just execute the specified command:
“C:\Program Files\Adobe\votre version d’After\Support Files\AfterFX.exe -m”

To change the language of your software to english :
you need to creat an empty text file and name it ” ae_force_english.txt” and drop it in the folder “Documents” of your Windows session.

Do delete your preferences and get the default statut back:
start After Effect press “shift+ctrl+alt” at the same time until the soft launching window appears.( This trick goes for all Adobe softs).

To work on After Effect while launching a calculation process:
launch a new After Effect session or drag and drop your *.aep document in Adobe Encoder. It will take care of compiling your work while keeping your affter After Effect session available.