Keep It Clean With SimpleWash


As you may have read in a previous article, Facebook is about to launch a new internal search engine called Graph Search. It will find specific information about the users, places, interests, etc., in users’ networks of friends.

Knowing this, it might be worth taking the time to analyze the information you’ve shared since the creation of your profile in order to restrict access to some details or even remove them. You’re probably thinking that you’ll be spending the next few weeks scanning thousands of posts in order to find the few that might be questionable. Well, you’re in luck. A group of students have created an application called SimpleWash , which will allow you to « wash » your profile and presence on Facebook (coming soon to Twitter too.)

After you’ve given it permission, the application will then navigate its way through your Wall, tagged pictures, photos, links and “liked” photos, your status updates and pages connected to your profile. You have two choices regarding the search criteria. First, the application suggests a list of words considered “sensitive” that it will search for in all of your content. Or you can create your own list of keywords for removal.

A few minutes after the start of the search, you will have a complete record of any questionable posts or pictures. The final step is to start cleaning – before someone « Graph Searches » you.