Scroll infinity and beyond ..!

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Multipage has always been a devil of a job for developers. Today we have an alternative thanks to javascript and the genius of the developers community : the infinity scroll.

What is infinity scroll exactly ?

Infinity scroll is the fact of having several articles loaded the one after the other at the buttom of the same page. This page is not reloaded when you want to consult your next article. This unables a non stop consultation of content. This is a real good practice in the sens that we prevent user from clicking all the time, from a page to another, waiting for each page to load.

Multipage is out of date !

Standard pagination is the segmentation of the content in several pages This web standard of pagination can today be considered as unproductive and unfluid for navigation.

Another challenge with multipage websites : SEO (searching Engine Optimization) optimization Infinty Scroll avoide this and has even inspired technics for multipage websites..

Check out these two tricks :the monolithic page technic with rel= »canonical » The attributes technic rel= »next » et rel= »prev » You can consult these following exemples of infinity scroll websites..

Google images




Le scroll infini in practice

Be aware that there are many ways to implement infinity scroll (jQuery, WordPress, Drupal …) although the main architecture is based on AJAX javascript technology.


Infinite AJAX Scroll (licence complète jusqu’à 29$)

Infinite-Scroll (plugin WordPress)

Views Infinite Scroll (plugin Drupal)

Conclusion and Recommendations

The main interest of multipage website is about finding quickly where a content is. Thanks to a site map you can easely know where to go to find a page or so.

Notice that infinity scroll and multipage appeal the same load to the server.

My recommendations concerning this topic is to have always a footer with a sitemap visible. A button to load the rest of the page like on Google image and another one to go straight back to the top of the page.
These are good practicies when it comes to infinity scrolling.
Please also notice that this type of sites are totaly adapted to the new ways of web consultation.
It is very pleasant for user using tablets and smartphones to consult a one page scroll site.

I recommend you to try building your own application and see if in your case, it represents a real step forward to infinity…..and beyond !