Sublime Text : plugins overview

Sublime Text

We wish to make a quick overview of relevant Sublime Text plugins. These plugins facilitate developers and specially PHP developers work.

The following ones are compatible with the two available versions of Sublime Text. 

Sublime Text is a PHP editor attracting developers attention from VIM to TextMate to IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse..) users. Performance and modularity are its two main specificities. Presently in its second version, it is also possible to use the latest beta third version already stable with high performances.  

Key packages 

Package Control is probably the most essential of our selection. Plugins manager of Sublime Text, it is the first to install. You will need to reboot your editor. After that, all the other plugins will be installed directly through the editor.To install this plugin read the following instructions here.

SublimeCodeIntel is an autocompletion tool for object’s methods. Its a must have for all Netbeans and Eclipse users. It also requires time for setting it up but you will find how to do it here.

SublimeLinter is a plugin made to highlight lines with syntax errors. It works for a lot of current programming languages.

BracketHighlighter was made to help visualising brakets, square brakets and lines you are presently working on.

PHP special packages 

PHPNamespace was created to improve the use of PHP namespaces.With three keyboard shortcuts creating automatically namespaces, you can use and copy this namespace in the clipboard, then you don’t have to highlight it.If you are interested in this plugin, take a look here.

PHPGetter and Setter permits to generate your objects assessors automatically.

PHPDoc was made to accelerate documentation entries.

Sublimelinter-phpcs, as restricting as it can be, is very useful when developers need to keep there scripts clean respecting PHP and Specification Request standards.

Handy packages 

SearchStackOverflow unable to launch a StackOverflow search for a selected portion of code.

PlainTask was made to integrate a todo list to your project through a user friendly interface.

Colorsublime is a colour manager for you to change easily the style of the editor and the colour of the code.

EmmetLiveStyle is probably the most impressive and interesting plugin of our list. It will surely get PHP developers dreams realized. Emmet can be connected to Google Chrome or Safari browsers. It gives the possibility to edit the CSS from the browser directly or from Sublime Text. Through this process you can make all your modifications without reloading the page. The gain of time is very much appreciated. EmmetLiveStyle also unable to edit a website in production through the debug console and implement theses changes locally.

Now that you know about the several Sublime Text plugins, you shall be able to try any packages and improve your PHP code skills.