Matthaeus Krenn’s interactive interface


Matthaeus Krenn, young designer, proposes a new kind of interface dedicated to our future car dashboards and control systems.

Matthaeus Krenn

Matthaeus Krenn underlines the fact that our actual digital panels are no more than a transposition of the ergonomics of traditionnal physical buttons. He wanted to imagine something that would not be based on what  the former generation of interfaces were but something really new.

With this interface, the acces to the different car functions are made through simple and memorizable moves on a wide digital screen. Commands appearing on gestures, the system is based on the driver’s gestures memory unableing to control easely his car and at the same time staying focus on the road.

The major innovation is in the contact zone which is not limited to a button shape. The interface is always within reach. All our old fashion button vanish away for us to get space for free and wide moves wherever we are on the panel.