Microsoft HoloLens, fiction or reality ?

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On January 21st of this year, Microsoft revealed HoloLens, a connected helmet with a built in transparent holographic lenze able to display in the real world, virtual elements in three dimensions.

The system comes with a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a video cameras enabling it to integrate physical surfaces and gestures into space. Thanks to all these functions, it ‘s said that HoloLens can display information regarding your day to day environment to makeing 3D objects appear and even modifying existing ones. HoloLens lets you play Minecraft (the famous game recently bought by Microsoft) right in the middle of your living room. Castles, mountains, trees and water falls will erupt in front you according to the room setup.

In Back To The Future 2 out in 2015, Marty McFly Junior and his video goggles weren’t that far from reality…

Unlike the Oculus Rift, the HoloLens stands-alone. Instead Microsoft likes to talk about holographic computers. Where the other actors use virtual reality, without interacting with the real world, HoloLens claims to be augmented reality. In the same case the Sony Morpheus is said to be an interesting competitor though nothing serious has been commercialy announced. HoloLens could be the first accomplished product offered to the public that’s already mainly buying Microsoft products (Xbox and PC).,Let’s hope this new product will keep its promises and won’t crash like the Google glass.

As teasing as the presentation videos can be, we are not shure what to think. We can’t help remembering the Kinet presentation videos promising functionnalities that never came to life like scanning real objects for instance. The word hologram used by Microsoft is actually a marketing hook. The 3 dimension image is restituted thanks to a miror system  Only the helmet user would be able to see the 3D elements.

The quality of images have also been called into question by the New York Times: « holograms don’t have a great resolution and are sometimes of a dull appearance. [but] it’s reality enough to create the illusion of a superior reality, »

When it comes to a precise release date, Microsoft doesn’t take much risks and announced a release of HoloLens during WIndow 10’s lifetime and next spring for developers.