War on ads on the internet


144 million users in the world currently use adblocks on the internet. The latest Pagefair and Adobe study on the subject underlines that the increase of 70% is more then what was initialy expected (+40%) on the june 2013 june 2014 period. 

This trends reveals the strong will of internet users not to be ruled by advertising of any sort : such as banners and prerolls videos. 

A war for content 

On one hand, websites offering free content. These websites can’t live without advertising contracts. But the increase of adblocks becomes a threat and a new challenge for these websites. On the other hand, pay-per-use sites with no ads on it like LeMonde.fr or soon You Tube Music Key, making money out of subscriptions being less affected by this war against ads.  Knowing that users are not ready to pay for each and every content they consult on the internet, the topic remains touchy and war against ads is still not coming to an end.

 Blocking the blockers

Advertisers and editors have found different types of response to this new challenge.
The most classic one is an entry message asking users for understanding and disactivating their adblocks in order to support the website’s activity.

The second case is more radical. The website disable access to the content when adblock is activated. MyTF1.fr did it during the World Cup. For the CEO of e-TF1 Olivier Abecassis this measure was compulsory to prevent from adblockers to act. « 25 % of internet users watching TF1 online use programs against ads. When we broadcast a major event like the World Cup, it costs us a lot of money. Whithout the capacity of monetizing  it, the program is doomed. » explains the CEO to the French Press Agency. « If we take advertising out of this economical model, nobody will pay for these programs anymore. It is no coincidence if all football games are know on pay-per-use channels. »

At last the most advanced technic to avoid the action of adblocks is enforcing advertising. An encoding system unables ads not to be detected by adblock extensions.

The war on web ads has just begun. The golden age of adblock extensions is probably ending while AdBlockPlus was downloaded 250 milion times. In 2012 the bundle developed by Eyeo was already negociting with websites (like Google) to get payed for letting them overpassed the block. This « white list » is highly controversal know and gave less sens to the blocking system.