Brands and social networks: a strategy still to be invented


So many brands invest social few succeed in establishing a win-win strategy with social networkers.

While Facebook celebrates its 10 years anniversary, it seems like brands haven’t take control of the numerous social networks. The latest Ysthad study shows that the relationship between brands and social networkers remains complicated. Beyond all brands efforts entering social networks, it seems that brands are still not able to construct a strong productive relationship with net surfers. 60% of social network users don’t have any interactions with brands they follow. In the other 40%, only 7% post, coment, tweet and retweet.

A double edge presence

Social networks are communities where the regular commercial relationship does not exist and is not appreciated. Brands still don’t know how to act in these communities from which they don’t know the codes. Brands generaly faill stimulating, catching social networkers attention beyond basic commercial advertising. 64% of social networkers think that brands presence on social networks is disappointing. Only 23% have a better image of a brand if it is present on social networks. No doubt that, a presence without strategy is counterproductive for brands.

Net surfers are conscious about brands stake on social networks

Social networkers know they can be as influencials as brands can be. On social networks, they want a win-win relation. If brands wish to make business out of social networks, net surfers want advantages from these brands. 41% want exclusive promotions. 35% want informations and services about products. Only 9% think that brands presence on social networks bring better services for clients….a good point to meditate on.

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