Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 billion


After the launch of its Android app, Instagram, the vintage-photo social network for mobile devices, is making headlines again after its acquisition by Facebook.

Announced yesterday for the dizzying amount of $1 billion, the acquisition of a service that may have 50 million users but that doesn’t generate any income may seem surprising. For one thing, it is unusual in Facebook’s growth strategy.

All the same, it does have a logic when you consider the importance of photos on social networks.

In fact, users of the most popular social network spend most of their time sharing their photos and commenting on those of others.

In addition, people are increasingly connecting on mobile social networks. This information has certainly been grasped by Facebook and explains its decision.

As for Instagram, it will continue to exist as an independent application. It will still be possible to share photos on competing networks such as Twitter and Tumblr, but advantages for sharing photos on Facebook will probably be developed.

We can already imagine the creation of new automatically published actions in Open Graph, like “shared a photo on Instagram,” which is sure to increase the visibility of Instagram, and thus generate new users.