Github and the boy scouts

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If you are familiar with the Github website, you have certainly noticed the little badges attached to all the Open Source projects. More than adding a « boy scouts » angle to these projects, the badges have a real purpose. They evaluate projects and give key information.

These differents badges are extracted from Github paralel services. There are plenty of them but we will focus on the following two, manly because this is the one we use in our day to day work within our agency : Travis-ci and Code climate.


Travis-ci is a continued integrating server. The aim of this service is to ensure, thanks to your unit tests, that your project works fine. The badge informs the user how advanced your project is. It unables them to see if your project is functionnal or not.
Code Climate 

The first badge is based on several algorythms able to determine the quality of your code. The grade goes from 0 to 4, 4 being the best of all grades. This grade is given depending on the cyclomatic compexity of your functions, folders, duplication of codes and coding bad practices.

The second badge corresponds to code coverage. Putting this badge in place is more complex. You will have to run Code Climate with your continued integrating server. Code coverage is based on a 100% mesure and will determine the protected lines of your code thanks to your unit tests.

If you are interested in discovering all the other badges here is the Gihub reference :