Adobe plays tricks on you


When we work on a video project for clients, we generaly deliver two alternative formats of the video

On one hand we export the flv format. This one will be called by a flash folder. This version  is dedicated to all settings working with Flash Player. It has the advantage of being legible on old browser. This the reason why Flash is generaly generated under it’s Flash Player 8 version.

 On the other hand we export the mp4 / H264 video.  It has the advantage of being legible on any Flash non compatible modern browser and plateform (laptop, mobile, and others).

Thanks to these two versions we can satisfy the major part of our clients demands.

But this solution, with the arrival of the Adobe Creative Cloud, is getting less conceivable. The editor decided to swip away several features of its Suite. Flash is one of them. In other words, you won’t be able on CC2014, to  code in Action Script 2 and to compile in the Flash Player for a format under the version 10. This change, condemns a lot of machines, a lot of users still on older Flash versions.

The other setback concerns the flv video encoding. It has been totally deleted from the export options of the new Adobe version. Its a pity because this format had a great qualty/weight ratio and it was highly used before the arrival of the mobile technologies.

In other words, if an agency doesn’t have the CC Suite  its getting quite impossible to work on alternative video version. For the others, we just keep on hard discs our former flash versions and Media Encoder waiting for Adobe  to decides re injecting these functionalities.

We can ask ourselfes why Adobe chose to do so ? What’s the strategy behind that ? Is it defenetly the end of the former Macromedia top technology (which was bought 3.4 bilion dollars 10 years ago) ? Is it the new and unique way of making softwares improve : forcing users to upgrade their material through radical changes on versions and features…..?