The IHM interfaces design in the cinema (FUI, Fantasy User Interfaces)


The interfaces imagined in science fiction movies often have been a means to plan our desires and our fantasies on the big screen, in order to anticipate technological and scientific evolutions in the future.

Although the interfaces men / machines are not new, the designers imagine futuristic interfaces with a realism particularly credible and always up to date, in order to be easily accepted by the spectator and therefore not to change the story. While respecting the notions of UI and UX in their process of creation, they also explore the fictitious representations which they can take in the future generations. The designer is going to study a visual style, the way the character is going to interact with, and how the images are going to be displayed on the screen etc....


To analyze the closeness and the link between fiction and reality, a computer graphics imagined by Glow New Media tries to make the list of the movies that got it right. These designers of interface and interaction leave a place in the memory by their capacity to draw a future realist whom we find in the world of today of the ideas and already imagined decades ago.




For every movie, the computer graphics compares the vision of the movie with the technology used today. From the anthropomorphic robot imagined in “Lost in Space” in 1965 to the interfaces mixing the use of the 3D and the holograms created in movies such as “Avatar”, “Oblivion” or “Iron Man”, some film-makers offer us a very beautiful source of inspiration to us Designer UX / UI and will certainly contribute to the progress of the arts and the technics.